Life in LA: Rising

Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

I saw the officer walk up a moment too late. He was already writing the ticket when I ran up, food in hand, phone buzzing with that familiar Doordash ping.

“Come on, man. I was here a minute,” I said.

Another minute later I had a fresh ticket in my hand. They said parking was a bitch in this city. They weren’t lying.

I was having a conversation with a friend that puts this little scene into perspective. We were talking about how everything in LA causes you to rise or fall.

If you don’t like being continually challenged, then this isn’t the place for you. It’s a city that will constantly ask, “How bad do you want it?” Because everyone here is talented and everyone here is working for a dream.

You start to realize that your dream isn’t unique. In most other places, simply having the audacity to pursue a creative career sets you apart, but those people are a dime a dozen here.

What can and should set you apart is your work ethic. I decided a long time ago that I may get out-talented (talent is hard to measure), but you’re not going to outwork me.

If most writers are waking up at 8am to start working on their scripts—good—I’ll be up at 5. Hunger is huge out here and it will be the determining factor in a lot of careers.

At the same time, there is deep leisure here. In my most impatient moments, seeing the ocean in the distance or the tall California palms will remind me of where I am and that it’s okay to stop and appreciate the moment.

Much of life is what we make of it regardless of where we are. Cheers.




A writer from Miami.

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Sebastien Lacasse

Sebastien Lacasse

A writer from Miami.

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